Take Time to Create a Stress-free Space

Alan Titchmarsh: The importance of relaxing in your graden ...

Stress is one of those double edged swords. It is a great evolutionary response that triggers the fight or flight mechanism in the brain. It keeps us in tune for dangers in unfamiliar settings and situations. It exaggerates happy emotions of surprise, and of the nervous anticipation of things to come. Unfortunately, stress in large doses is toxic. Gestational women can flood their unborn babies with high levels of stress hormones, that can often lead to premature deliveries and sadly, miscarriages. Infants experiencing long term stress are prone to maladaptive brain functions, cognitive, social and emotional issues, some which may prevail well into adulthood, and others that cause permanent damage. We must shield ourselves from the influence of stress with protective factors, and coping skills that will help to manage difficult situations, even those that are out of our control.

Gardening is my relaxation therapy (no surprise there). But no matter where I am, or what I am doing, I take the time to immerse myself in the language of nature. Laying on the lawn and just staring at the sky gives my brain just enough of a break to recenter. At home, I use a kiddie pool, tropical plants, a beach chair and an umbrella to unwind while sipping on a fruit smoothie and collect my thoughts. Find your favorite relaxation music and allow yourself a break. I like walking near water, and I often take a moment to feel the currents on my toes. Whether you are a garden enthusiast or just enjoy the organized chaos in the wild, take time to breath and what better place than to be surrounded by the thing that produces an unadulterated abundance of oxygen.

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I began my road to profession during my high school years. I started at a day care center. During my stead, I pursued my love for hospitality and enrolled at the Hudson County Community College Culinary Arts program. Since then, I dedicated a good portion of time in the food and beverage industry. I was always too happy to work and be engaged in every aspect, including doing dishes and mopping to bathrooms and trash. I learned early on that hard work and dedication defined who I was, who I am, and who I will be. During a time of temporary relocation I took on a role as Case Manager for a mostly Hispanic community. Here I fell in love with psychology. Soon after going back home I enrolled in the Psychology program at Argosy University in Sarasota Florida. I applied much of what I learned to how I performed my duties, how I made hiring choices, and more importantly, how to be. On the home front, I applied what I learned when engaging with my family and friends, and in doing so, I have been privileged to inspire my grandchildren to grow up with curiosity and a deep love for adventure. My family is my ultimate love, and my grandkids are my greatest motivators for wanting to pursue an educational path that allows me the opportunity to inspire a young mind. Taking a moment to reflect, I have come full circle. Evaluating the things that I have done, and the strides I have made towards positive professional growth, I return to the place where it all began, school and child care.

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