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Autism is a neurodevelopment disorder that has come to be understood in terms of behavioral difficulties with social communication, social interaction, and activities, apparent restricted and repetitive patterns in behaviors, and interests (Weiss, Baker & Butler, 2016).  What is interesting about this diagnosis is that it has changed in name, and classification through the progress of research.  During the early 1900’s, Autism was believed to be a condition of schizophrenia in children (Parents, 2014). Rigorous and careful attention has gone into research that sheds new light for interventions, resources and support.

It is certain that the inquiry into Autism is far from exhausted, quite the contrary.  Technological advances through the eras have enabled the scientific community to peer further into this neurodevelopment disorder. The following links are recent studies that continue to illuminate on the condition now known as the Autism Spectrum Disorder.

The National Institute of Mental Health Information Resource Center (2017) Neuroimaging Technique May Help Predict Autism among High-Risk Infants.

The National Institute of Mental Health Information Resource Center (2018, May 30). Inherited Variations in Noncoding Sections of DNA Associated with Autism.

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I began my road to profession during my high school years. I started at a day care center. During my stead, I pursued my love for hospitality and enrolled at the Hudson County Community College Culinary Arts program. Since then, I dedicated a good portion of time in the food and beverage industry. I was always too happy to work and be engaged in every aspect, including doing dishes and mopping to bathrooms and trash. I learned early on that hard work and dedication defined who I was, who I am, and who I will be. During a time of temporary relocation I took on a role as Case Manager for a mostly Hispanic community. Here I fell in love with psychology. Soon after going back home I enrolled in the Psychology program at Argosy University in Sarasota Florida. I applied much of what I learned to how I performed my duties, how I made hiring choices, and more importantly, how to be. On the home front, I applied what I learned when engaging with my family and friends, and in doing so, I have been privileged to inspire my grandchildren to grow up with curiosity and a deep love for adventure. My family is my ultimate love, and my grandkids are my greatest motivators for wanting to pursue an educational path that allows me the opportunity to inspire a young mind. Taking a moment to reflect, I have come full circle. Evaluating the things that I have done, and the strides I have made towards positive professional growth, I return to the place where it all began, school and child care.

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