Exploring Roles in the ECE Community

My goals for the future continue to be shaped and influenced by each interaction in early childhood. I know where I want to be and in so I will be reaching out to communities of practice where I can learn and grow with. Childcare Resources is a place that came into fruition because of theContinue reading “Exploring Roles in the ECE Community”

Creating Affirming Environments

Creating affirming environments invites families to take part in the care and well being of their children. The setting provides areas for structured and creative play, rest areas, kitchen and dining area, quiet areas, and an area specifically for arrival/dismissal. More important that the dedicated areas are the materials and the visual affects that theContinue reading “Creating Affirming Environments”

Gender, Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation: The painted picture.

Homophobia and heterosexism permeate the world of young children including books, movies, toys, stores, culture of early childhood centers, and schools.  The readings in the course so far have discussed the manner in which family beliefs have influenced specific aspects of identity, particularly of gender, gender identity and sexual orientation. Heterosexism is the extreme socialContinue reading “Gender, Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation: The painted picture.”

My collaborative community

Entering this course, I did not truly understand communication or its processes as I understand it now. I am grateful to my colleagues for their contributions. Communication and collaboration requires mindfulness, commitment and effort, not only to understand other, but also to be understood. Miscommunication can present themselves even in the most productive communication scenarios,Continue reading “My collaborative community”

Team Building and Collaboration

Collaboration in group settings can be challenging as each person brings their own communication styles to the table. Different levels of communication anxiety, and aggressiveness, as well as their unique listening profile. In order for collaboration to be effective and goal oriented, team development must follow a linear path that begins with the formation ofContinue reading “Team Building and Collaboration”

Communication and Culture

Each of us is a product of our cultural background, including gender, ethnicity, family, age, religion, profession and other life experiences. Our cultural inventory provides us with valuable insights for understanding our beliefs, and attitude, our values and assumptions. Thus, it is critical that we reflect on the various aspects of our own cultural identityContinue reading “Communication and Culture”

Welcoming Families from Around the World

It is prudent to enter this topic with a few statistical pieces in mind.  First, there are about “195 different countries” in the world; secondly, the US population includes members from “150 different countries” (Laureate Education, Week 7). Diversity then needs to be approached with the clear focus of a globally united supportive environment.  EveryContinue reading “Welcoming Families from Around the World”