So many discoveries happen in the garden…

Teach children the importance of our environment. We are all connected.

Introducing Lessons to Grow By! Lessons to Grow By is a FREE four-month program of weekly garden-themed lessons and activities for caregivers teaching at home, or for educators instructing via distance learning. These fun, engaging adventures will be grouped around a monthly theme, featuring three hands-on activities for kids each week with supplemental suggested reading, videos, andContinue reading “Teach children the importance of our environment. We are all connected.”

Measuring Intelligence

            As all things American, the use of Intelligent Quotient (IQ) testing during the early part of the 20th century was used to categorize individuals based on their intelligence, or more specifically, on the scores revealed by such testing.  In the advent, IQ scores were used in the military for the purpose of identifying individualsContinue reading “Measuring Intelligence”


There is no need for me to lecture anyone or bring up statistics about the effects of malnutrition.  It is a sad, painful and pervasive reality for too many families right here in the land of riches and opportunities. Many organizations and generous contributors do what they can to provide food and monetary donations toContinue reading “Nutrition”


My pregnancy experiences were well within the context of western laboring practices of birthing in a medical setting, with competent teams to render aid and monitor wellness.  Though my idea was to have vaginal birth, my first child was birthed through emergency C-section, due to the length of dry labor and its impact on theContinue reading “Birthing”

Inspiration Motivation

My previous educational accomplishment lent to the understanding of early childhood in terms of the stages and critical points at which physical and emotional development occurs and of pervasive issues that compromise wellness.  Keeping my focus in the heart, I address family as the central point from which children evolve and grow.  The ideals andContinue reading “Inspiration Motivation”


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