Brainstorming the Topic of Interest

As many of you already know, Gremi’s Garden is not just a title, but an idea that I can make a contribution to the wellness and development of early childhood through gardening. In perusing through the recommended website in our book the National Library of Medicine ( m1001.html), there was a particular element of surpriseContinue reading “Brainstorming the Topic of Interest”

Consequences of Knowledge

In reading and getting more familiar with the international early childhood field the sense of community becomes more apparent. As a consequence I have become far more knowledgeable about issues and trends in other parts of the world, and what different organizations are doing to tackle the challenges in the different communities.  To piggyback onContinue reading “Consequences of Knowledge”

Professional Goals , hopes and dreams

I have considered myself as being quite fortunate, even though life has presented many challenges.  In becoming a grandparent, I knew that I needed to protect them, nurture, care for, and teach them, but I was not sure how.  To my surprise, I didn’t need to know, it was them who taught me what IContinue reading “Professional Goals , hopes and dreams” aids in my professional endeavor to use gardening as part of the developmental process for children and families.  Gardening provides hands on learning for children, with the added value of being able to teach children and families to grow many fruits and vegetables where ever they live.  The Mission: The Scotts Miracle-Gro Foundation, NationalContinue reading

Advocating for what Matters

Nutrition is at the forefront in the effort to provide children an opportunity for healthy growth and development.  Poverty underlines areas where children and families are in grave need of advocacy.  UNICEF (2013) published a report in which supportive strategies target the 1,000 days from conception to two years of age.  The interventions support, andContinue reading “Advocating for what Matters”

Gremi’s Garden: Addressing issues and trends.

            Gremi’s Garden uses information from  The purpose of this design is to encourage children to play, explore, discover and collaborate in a common place where creativity and imagination come alive.  Some of their highest achievements for the 2019 year include: “Our biggest grant application cycle to date, increasing our applicant pool by 54%Continue reading “Gremi’s Garden: Addressing issues and trends.”