Inspiration Motivation

My previous educational accomplishment lent to the understanding of early childhood in terms of the stages and critical points at which physical and emotional development occurs and of pervasive issues that compromise wellness.  Keeping my focus in the heart, I address family as the central point from which children evolve and grow.  The ideals andContinue reading “Inspiration Motivation”

Zen and the Art of Early Childhood Education

“Early Childhood” is more than just a developmental stage or part of a job title. It is a leap of faith: that we are making a difference in the lives of young children when many of the results of our hard work may not become apparent until long after we may be forgotten. “Early Childhood,”Continue reading “Zen and the Art of Early Childhood Education”

Changing Times — Muddling Through My Middle Age

Coping with change has never been my strong point, which could explain why I’m feeling a bit disoriented these days. It seems that the very second I adjust to one new “normal,” everything shifts and then I have to adjust all over again. In my weaker moments, I think that all I want to do […]Continue reading “Changing Times — Muddling Through My Middle Age”

The Role of Passion in Learning and Teaching

Passion has a motivating factor; therefore, it is a significant need for high quality learning and teaching. Passion is seeking for the new, and experiencing new ideas. Passion is on the basis of effective teaching. Passion which is indispensable for learning and teaching facilitates learning thorough desire and enthusiasm it creates. Passionate teachers via creatingContinue reading “The Role of Passion in Learning and Teaching”

Why do we keep asking ?

Is early intervention effective? U Bronfenbrenner – Teachers College Record, 1974 – psycnet.apa.orgReviews early intervention studies in the area of poverty and human development. It isconcluded that (a) such efforts succeed only with sustained family involvement, and (b)ecological interventions must provide parents with a basis for such involvement (eg, healthcare, housing, or employment). A sequence ofContinue reading “Why do we keep asking ?”